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1. Well tell me…What is TuMercadeo.Com?

TuMercadeo.Com is a blog dedicated to share with all the people products and services reviews, tips, entrepeneur ideas and to promote business to people who might be interested in what you sell or offer. Our articles are very well researched and have been written with the purpose of share knowlege with our readers. Some articles are written in English and some others in Spanish, this is because most of our followers are from countries where speak this languages.

2. Who is the owner of the site?

I’m Priscila and I’m the owner and webmaster of this site. I’m from Mexico and I really enjoy to share information and tips to help people to improve their business and to get new business ideas and as a  result get more leads and sales. That’s the reason that I’ve created this site. I hope you can enjoy my site as much as I do.

3. Can I send you some articles to your blog?

Of course you can do it!! You can send us everything you want related to the topics of this site. Just send me an email. Your article will be published as soon as possible. The credit of the article will be yours ;).

If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email here
I'll respond back typically within 24 hours.

4. Could you promote my business inside your blog?
Of course I can do it!! this service has a fee. Send me your inquiry here
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