SaleHoo Review [2020] - BONUS - Does Sale Hoo Work? Read Before You Buy!


Read This Salehoo Review BEFORE Joining SaleHoo Wholesale Supplier -

Product Information

Product: SaleHoo Membership
Website: Salehoo.Com
Ratings: Sale hoo review rating
Price: $197  $97  $67/year (Click Here)
Policy: 60 Money-Back Guarantee

salehoo review


In this Salehoo Review you'll going to learn everything you need to know to decide if Salehoo is for you or not. And if you want to get Salehoo membership there is an awesome salehoo bonus for you, to find out what is all about please read this sale hoo review until the end.

But before we need to explain What is Drop Shipping? and What is a Drop Shipper?.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is simply the process of marketing goods to customers without having to stock an inventory. This process often depends on a third party to supply the products to deliver orders and send the product directly to the customer. 

With this method of business, the e-commerce store owner will be able to make profits by charging the customers at a higher rate than the supplier does. Some of the most popular examples of dropshipping services available are Amazon and eBay.

These dropshipping services may often ship some of their products from their warehouses, but the products supplied by third parties are also processed and shipped by external dropshippers. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs have decided to determine which dropshipping service is most profitable and will improve the growth of their business more. 

It is a great idea for entrepreneurs to find out which service is most profitable and will improve the growth of their business more. Salehoo is said to be a wholesale supplier directory service that provides dropshipper with access to many suppliers from all over the world. Is located in New Zealand and is capable of linking drop shippers to suppliers.

This company has been said to have suppliers from as far as the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Salehoo allows Dropshippers to use their sourcing tool to connect with manufacturers, liquidators, and suppliers in order to get access to goods at wholesale prices that they can market to consumers. Most of the customers of Salehoo often sell their dropshipped products through the use of platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy in order to make a profit. 

The Salehoo platform itself is not considered to be a wholesaler but it provides users with access to about 8000 different liquidators, manufacturers, wholesalers, and dropshippers from all around the world. 

The Salehoo directory has about 1.6 million products for sale at wholesale prices, but some of these products sell at the same amount as eBay or Amazon. 

salehoo reviews

Drop shippers can subscribe premium membership on Salehoo for just $67 per year for every single year that you are a member. This membership often comes with this amazing benefits:

8000+ verified suppliers spanning 150 categories.

- Some basic tutorial about how to succeed as an inexperienced Dropshipper online.

- Access to the forums one of the largest wholesale and online seller discussion forums on the internet.

Suppliers for all kinds of business - including suppliers with no minimum orders, international shipping and more.

- Access to a dedicated support team who will answer your questions and help you find the right supplier for you.

 These benefits might also include a market research tool that might prove very useful if you are not certain of what niche you should start up in. 

Salehoo may ask for extra charges if you want additional features such as advanced tutorials about selling online or eBay and the Salehoo Online Selling Tactics course. Keep Reading this Salehoo Review to learn how can you start your own ecommerce business.

Salehoo has an amazing tool which tells you which products are the hottest and best selling. It also gives you information to help you promote it successfully (such as what auction start times on eBay have had the greatest success). This tool is called Market Research Lab.

review of salehoo

Inside of this Sale hoo Review we're going to explain you how this amazing tool works.

The Salehoo market research lab often allows people to determine profitable markets or niche and find out which product the customers want to buy most. In order to begin using this lab, the user will first login to his Salehoo account and click on the icon that says “Discover Products” in the Labs menu in the top navigation. 

SaleHoo Review Main Points:

Salehoo Market Research Lab Include:

1. Choosing A Category

The first thing that users have to do if they want to use the Salehoo Market Research Lab is to choose a category from the drop-down list under the icon “Filter by Category”. In this step, the user will select the category that is most relevant to the kind of product that you intend to sell. However, if you are not sure of the kind of products that you want to sell, you can just select “All”

2. Look For The Products That Sell More Successfully Than The Others.

The second step to follow if you want to use the Salehoo Market Research Lab is to look for products that are selling more successfully than the others. Users can scroll the “Sell Rate” to at least 30 to 35% in order to find the products that have been sold with a success rate of at least 30%. If the user goes below 30%, the result will include products that have not sold as well or have not been sold out by the other sellers. 

3. Setting the "Average Price Bar" Or The Price You Want.

The third step to follow if you want to use the Salehoo Market Research Lab is to set the “Average Price” bar to the price that you want. This will enable users to filter products that have prices that are above your preference. For instance, if the user chooses an average price of $200, the results will show the user products that have a price within the range of $0-$200

4. Find Out The Competition Level Of Selling Your Chosen Product.

The fourth step to follow if you want to use the Salehoo Market Research Lab is to find out the competition level of selling your chosen product. This can be done by tweaking the competition filter to show “Low”, “Medium” and “High” competition products.  

The “Low” competition products are products that do not have many sellers listing them already, which mean that these products can be sold without having to deal too much with the other sellers. 

The “Medium” competition products are often considered the ideal choice for new sellers.


However, the “High” competition products are the products that have the most buyers and this is often as a result of the fact that the market is thriving. So, most sellers that have some experience selling already often consider this choice. 

sale hoo review

5. Decide.

The fifth step to follow if you want to use the Salehoo Market Research Lab is to decide which product you want to sell. This is often done after the users have seen all the popular products that are selling online and the ones they prefer. This is the sell where you consider all the other factors like competition level, average price and so on to decide which product you want to sell. 

6. Save The Product That You Want To Sell.

The sixth step to follow if you want to use the Salehoo Market Research Lab is to save the products that you prefer to sell by clicking on “Save” on the top right corner of that product. By saving the products, you will be able to review your choice later in the “Saved Product Ideas” which can be accessed anytime in the Salehoo Market Research Lab’s menu.

7. Saved Filters. 

The seventh step to follow if you want to use the Salehoo Market Research Lab is to tick your favorite products by ticking the heart in the top right corner. This is done after the user has successfully selected the filter setting that they prefer. 

Once this is done, an email will be sent periodically with fresh new product ideas that will match your selected filter settings. This will enable users to be able to keep their finger on the pulse without having to log back into the Salehoo Market Research Lab to check manually.

 However, if you ever change your mind about your preferred product, you can always click “Saved Filters” from within the Salehoo Market Research Lab’s menu to edit or to stop receiving the email updates. 

As you can see this tool can save you a huge a mount of time and money.

Now there's an important question to answer....

Is Salehoo Actually Legit?

One of the most popular questions about the Salehoo platform is if it is actually legit. And despite the high number of affiliate reviews online, it has been concluded that Salehoo is actually a legitimate company located in New Zealand.

The Salehoo platform is not a scam or a poorly developed solution, it is actually legit and it does not matter whether or not drop shippers are running a highly profitable business through the platform.

sale hoo reviews

It is however very essential that we understand that the Salehoo platform is a product sourcing tool for drop shippers and does not actually sell your products. And although some people might believe that the platform is legit while others believe that it is a scam, it is actually a legitimate company that drop shippers can use to market their products.

Pros Of Using Salehoo

1. The platform provides great customer service. If we are talking of customer service, Salehoo provides great customer service and it has an A+ rating on platforms like Better Business Bureau. This platform provides customers of all budgets with access to phone and email support. Customers have praised Salehoo’s customer service.  

2. This platform also makes it easy for customers to cancel subscriptions. 

3. Salehoo is considered to be one of the most popular platforms for drop shippers and wholesalers to market their products and it has a lot of positive reviews from members.  

4. The platform has over 8,000 suppliers and more than 1.6 million products listed in their database. Although it is not considered to be the biggest, it is still big. 

5. The platform often screens suppliers before they add them to the Salehoo database, which enables them to avoid adding scam suppliers to their database. 

6. It is relatively cheap as it requires just $67 per year to join and renew its membership. 

7. This membership often comes with amazing benefits like access to the forums and some basic tutorial about how to succeed as an inexperienced Dropshipper online. These benefits might also include a market research tool that might prove very useful if you are not certain of what niche you should start up in. 

8. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! This is why Salehoo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee!

sale hoo  review 2019

Cons Of Using Salehoo

1. The Salehoo directory only list about 1.6 million products.

2. Some of the products on this platform have a low margin or the Salehoo’s wholesale’ price.
3. There are a lot of big brands on this platform but not as many niche products. 

4. The access to this platform is only available online.

5. This platform also has a lot of upsells that result in its products becoming more expensive. But there's no obligation to buy this upsells all is up to you.

Some people might also believe that Salehoo can teach them how to use eBay but it does not and it does not include absolutely everything that you need to start selling products on eBay if you are a drop shipping beginner.

 And if you are a beginner, you will need training because Salehoo does not teach you how to write an effective sales copy or how to successfully market your products to your customers and make six figures a year off of eBay. If you want to learn all these, you will need to use an online selling tactic. You should take the course if you want to be a successful drop shipper on Salehoo and eBay. 

salehoo dropshipping

If you buy the product through our link (CLICK HERE), please forward your ClickBank receipt to to receive a FREE EBOOK, "Your 101 Guide to Product Sourcing for eBay." After you do this, we will send to you the ebook for free ASAP.

Last Words

So to conclude, After reading this in-depth Salehoo Review, should you use Salehoo or not?  The answer is YES. Remember you have a 60 day money-back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. The platform has over 8000 suppliers consisting of drop shippers, wholesalers, liquidators, and manufacturers. Salehoo is a legitimate company located in New Zealand. The platform has great support staff and is the considered one of the best in the industry and they even recommend the best products to sell and the products that do not have favorable sales to save you time and money on investing in the wrong product. The purpose of this article is give to you the most information as can be possible to help you to know more about salehoo directory and make a good decision. Now you have in your hands the last decision all is up to you. We really appreciate the time you spend to visit our website and to read this article.

If you prefer you can watch this review in the following video:



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TuMercadeo: SaleHoo Review [2020] - BONUS - Does Sale Hoo Work? Read Before You Buy!
SaleHoo Review [2020] - BONUS - Does Sale Hoo Work? Read Before You Buy!
Read This Salehoo Review BEFORE Joining SaleHoo Wholesale Supplier -
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